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Eagle's Wings Foundation

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In 1998 James McCarthy a Universal Vacation Club Member, had the idea of inviting the owners and managers of Villa del Palmar (Fernando Gonzalez Corona, Luz Maria Torres, Owen Perry and Robert Kistner) to give back to the community for the friendship, kindness and pleasant moments they experienced during their time living in the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, by creating a foundation to support the local community.

Eagle's Wings was founded in July 1999 as an Altruistic Foundation whose mission is to improve the quality of life of the Villa Group communities through donations in cash and species to their institutions and associations to facilitate the development of their programs and objectives.

The Foundation is directed by an executive committee and a Board of Directors with twelve members that represent the Resorts and the community. All Grant requests are reviewed and approved by the Grant committee. There are two members who represent the Community and two members who represent the Board. All Members vote and agree on each donation. Since Eagles Wings was founded we have donated over $2 million USD in cash and items. It is important to mention that Eagle's Wings funds are voluntary donations from tourists or timeshare owners at the Villa Group Resorts properties.

There are other programs in the Foundation, for example "Bring-a-thing" where we ask the UVC members to bring whatever they can to support the children, such as coloring pencils, pens, clothing, toiletries, toys, etc. Those items are delivered to different organizations like DIF, schools and orphanages.
Another Program is the "LEFT- OVER PESOS" program were guests deposit their Mexican coins in a box located in the lobby of the Resort before going home.
We also have the BAZAR, with donations, Hotel items that are not used at the resorts any more but are still in good shape are made available for sale at very affordable prices to support needy families. Some of those items are mattresses, microwave ovens, towels, lamps, sheets, pillows, furniture, coffee makers, etc.

The Foundation has also received several donations such as computers, medical equipment, a bus, an ambulance and 2000 pairs of new Nike shoes that have been distributed to different associations and institutions.
We have a Volunteer Program where the members and hotel guests who wish to donate their time are invited to help some organizations as some of them cannot afford to hire workers and it's difficult to find volunteers.
If you would like to collaborate with the foundation, you can find additional information at the Eagle's Wings Foundation website.

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