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The moment we have all been waiting for is almost here! The spread of COVID-19 has slowed within Mexico to the point that the Mexican Federal Government has provided re-opening dates. With zero cases of COVID-19 within our company, we have been preparing for this moment and cannot wait to welcome you back to your home away from home.

We know how important it is to maintain high standards of cleanliness always. Our resorts obtained advice from infectious disease specialists and certification from companies like PREVERISK as part of our preparations for your return. We have implemented preventative protocols against COVID-19 and are committed to upholding the highest standards regarding disinfection, hygiene, sanitation, and more.

We have created an integrated Health and Hygiene Program based on the suggestions and instructions of the government and health organizations, which you can view here.

The health of the entire Villa Group family is our top priority, and that includes you!

Some of Our New Standards of Cleanliness:

Upon arrival:

  • Suitcase sanitization with sanitizing product
  • Security seals to validate that no one entered the room after it was cleaned and disinfected.

Temperature Readings:

Thermometers will be used at all access points throughout the resort to read and monitor the temperatures of guests and staff in a non-invasive manner.

Surfaces in all Public Areas:

Throughout our resorts, we have implemented new protocols regarding the cleanliness and hygiene of high-touch areas that go above and beyond suggestions provided by health organizations and government agencies. Surfaces and high traffic areas of the resort will continuously be treated with hospital-grade disinfectants and certified sanitation products. Sanitizing stations have also been placed at strategic points throughout our resorts, such as at the front desk, at the entrances of our restaurants, and in all public areas. In addition, we have increased the frequency in which deep cleaning according to these protocols will take place so as to better protect our guests, our staff, and our communities.

Hotel-Level Sanitization Specialists:

Resorts have been trained and equipped with a special team, led by a Hygiene Manager, that will take charge of ensuring that everyone adheres to our new health and sanitation protocols.

Hotel Rooms:

We are taking care to ensure that every room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using hospital-grade disinfectants between each guest’s stay. Paper amenities, pens, and magazines will be removed from rooms (available on request).

Social Distancing:

Signage has been installed throughout our resorts to remind guests and staff to keep their distance from others. We have also taken the opportunity to rearrange furniture in common areas and restaurants to allow for more space between guests.

We are including measures to ensure your safety, such as placing lounge chairs 6 feet apart in our pool areas and using stricter sanitation measures in our fitness centers. We are also limiting use of the fitness center to only those with a reservation and enforcing a maximum capacity *of 2 people in both the fitness center and in elevators, with the exception of family members making use of the latter together, each elevator have hand sanitizing dispensers available.

Food and Beverage:

At our resorts, all employees who work in our food and beverage operations are highly trained regarding the proper handling and service of these items. While we have always taken great care to ensure the highest standards of food safety are being met, we will continue to seek training and complete inspections to keep all our guests and staff safe. In addition, we are currently making modifications to our in-room dining and our buffet-style services.


We are working to minimize direct contact between our guests and staff, which means that certain services, such as valet parking, direct meal preparation, among others, will be suspended temporarily. Other services, such as those that require entry into guest rooms, will be modified to limit contact as much as possible.

Possible COVID-19 Cases at our Resorts:

We are committed to keeping everyone at our resorts safe, which means we have implemented special protocols to be followed in the event that a suspected case of COVID-19 is presented. We have:

  • An onsite doctor and 24-hour medical service available, and
  • A team dedicated to detecting and handling suspected COVID-19 cases, which includes the General Manager of each resort, the Head of Security, a licensed physician, and our Director of Operations who will work in conjunction with health officials.

The Villa Group Way

While we are making changes that will impact the way we operate and the availability of services that you may have come to love, we are committed to maintaining the same great service and hospitality that The Villa Group is known for. Our entire team, from hotel managers to the bellmen who greet you each and every day are excited about your return and willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Our commitment to you is our top priority.


Important information: Coronavirus

Cancellation and rebooking

Can I move my booking to a future date?

We are committed to taking care of our guests as best we can, especially when circumstances arise that are out of everyone’s control. We have temporarily adjusted our reservation policies so that you’ll have greater flexibility and can make modifications to your reservation dates as needed. For more information, answers to your questions, or to express your concerns, please contact our Call Center at 1 877 498 1491.

Guest safety and routines

When do you open?

We are ready when you are! Our resorts are currently open and receiving guests. Don’t miss out on the vacation you’ve been longing for, book today and pay before your arrival. In addition, in case you need it, you can make changes to your reservation dates at no charge. Visit our website or contact one of our agents toll free at 1 877 498 1491.

What routines / preventative measures are being implemented at the hotel?

We understand the importance of maintaining the highest cleaning standards at all of our facilities. In preparation for reopening and as an extra safety measure, our resorts obtained advice from health and hygiene specialists and we’ve received certification from companies like PREVERISK, a consulting and training firm for global solutions, as well as a seal from the World Travel & Tourism Council for each of the destinations where our resorts are located.
We have also created a Health and Hygiene Program based on the suggestions of health organizations and government agencies. If you would like to know more, please click here.

How is food service being handled at the resorts?

All employees working in the food and beverage operations at our resorts are highly trained in regards to the proper service and handling of these items. Due to the current situation, we are going above and beyond our already high standards to ensure the safety of guests and staff. We have made modifications to our restaurant and buffet-style dining and we are committed to carrying out thorough inspections and seeking training with regards to the most up-to-date precautionary measures for the handling of food and beverage at our resorts.

Are your restaurants open?

Your health and wellbeing are our first priority, which is why we have limited the use of some of our restaurants and bars. While we have made these necessary adjustments for the time being, we still want you to enjoy your vacation to the maximum. With that in mind, rest assured that we are doing everything possible to ensure you have everything you need during your stay.

Is the Spa and Fitness Center open?

It is our mission to help guests maintain a healthy distance from others during their stay, which is why the Spa and Fitness Center will only be open to guests who have previously made an appointment. Schedule your appointment in advance so that you can enjoy a relaxing massage or continue your exercise routine in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Are guests able to make use of the pools and visit the beach? If not, when will they be open to the public?

Our pools and beachfront offerings are currently open. However, in order to guarantee the wellbeing of all of our guests, we have increased the frequency in which they will be cleaned and sanitized. In addition, lounge chairs are being placed at a safe distance from one another in accordance with government regulations. Each of the destinations where our resorts reside has received a seal of “Safe Travel” from the World Travel & Tourism Council, which means you can travel with confidence. We hope to see you soon!

Will restaurants and other businesses be open throughout the city?

The destinations where our resorts are located have been given the seal of Safe Travel by the World Travel & Tourism Council. Because of this, many local businesses have decided to resume operations, and they have been allowed to do so as long as they comply with the health and hygiene regulations that have been implemented by the state and federal governments. While we cannot speak for all, many business owners are happy to welcome you back. Please also keep in mind that our resorts have prepared a variety of gastronomic options that you can enjoy in the comfort of your room when ordering room service.

Will we be asked to wear masks or some other form of protective gear while at the resort?

You are not obligated to use any protective gear during your staff, although we have placed hand sanitizer in strategic locations and encourage you to wash your hands as much as possible. On the other hand, our staff will always use safety gear and they will attempt to keep a safe distance from guests at all times. We are very excited to see you back at our resorts and are doing everything we can to make you as comfortable and confident as we can!

Is there shuttle service?

Yes, shuttle service is still being offered. We ask that you request it when making your next reservation. We hope to see you soon.

If I am registered at the resort and another guest tests positive for COVID-19, what type of help / support can I expect?

Our top priority is the safety of our guests and employees. We have special protocols in place to handle situations that may arise from the spread of COVID-19, including:

  • An onsite doctor and 24-hour medical service, which is available to all our guests
  • A team that is in charge of detecting and handling suspected cases of COVID-19. This team is made up of the respective resort’s General Manager, the Head of Security, a licensed physician, and our Director of Operations, who are all working in conjunction with health officials.

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