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The Eagle's Wings Foundation Supports Communities in the Aftermath of Hurricane Nora

NEWS | Published on 23/09/2021
Optimizada the eagle s wings foundation supports communities in the aftermath of hurricane nora interna

The Eagle’s Wings Foundation

The Villa Group Resorts have always been an important part of the Puerto Vallarta community, providing jobs, helping preserve the environment, leading the business community, and welcoming world travelers. To continue supporting the people surrounding their properties, The Villa Group and TAFER Resorts established The Eagle’s Wing Foundation with a mission to address the needs of the most disadvantaged people around the resorts in Puerto Vallarta and the other cities in Mexico where Villa Group Resorts are located. In addition to raising funds and providing donations throughout the year, supporting families whose homes and businesses were damaged by Hurricane Nora is some of the foundation’s most important work, especially since the areas most affected were also some of the most impoverished communities.

On Saturday, Aug 25, 2021Nora, a category 1 hurricane, made landfall on the northwest coast of the Mexican state of Jalisco, bringing with her intense rains and strong winds that left many wondering if the seaside destination of Puerto Vallarta is still a safe place for family vacations. Unlike what most would assume, Hurricane Nora left almost the entire town completely undisturbed, including the long stretch of coastline where many of the city’s resorts are located. The heavy rains, however, filled the rivers, leaving some communities and around 120 families to deal with her destruction. The Eagle’s Wings Foundation, a California-based non-profit run by TAFER Resorts and The Villa Group, stepped in to help the community, donating a wealth of cleaning and food supplies, in addition to domestic goods meant to help families reestablish themselves during this time of need.

Foundation Support for Puerto Vallarta Communities

The first problem that the foundation support was needed for was to clean up the flooded areas. Streets had tree branches and wires draped across them, and public spaces and walkways were covered in mud, some even entering into businesses and homes. The Eagle’s Wing Foundation was able to immediately provide the city with additional funds for purchasing shovels, waterproof boots, and equipment to remove the debris and start to rebuild. The city was then able to identify their most pressing needs, and through the foundation, TAFER Resorts and The Villa Group were able to donate homegoods, like mattresses, bed frames, blankets, plates, and flatware, as well as non-perishable food for families and meals for city workers. Because the Villa Group Resorts were successfully distributing supplies to the community, other organizations reached out to help, and the Alas de Águila Foundation worked with them to provide families with gas tanks, stoves, and pans for cooking. The Raintree Vacation Club also teamed up with the resorts to provide appliances and furniture to families whose homes were damaged by flooding. This outpouring of supplies is helping reestablished families in impoverished areas whose homes and businesses flooded during the hurricane.

Because of the foundation support the community’s received, Puerto Vallarta is rebuilding stronger than ever. The outpouring of volunteers and donations has demonstrated the city’s unity and resilience, and because the Villa Group Resorts have always been a central part of Puerto Vallarta, their foundation has helped coordinate the recovery process and will continue to support these families throughout the year.

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