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Eagle's Wings Foundation Makes Donation to C.A.I.A.M

NEWS | Published on 03/12/2021
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The Villa Group Resorts and TAFER Resorts have long been a part of the Puerto Vallarta community, contributing to the local culture and beauty of the region and serving others in countless ways. As leaders in the community, the resorts regularly support projects through The Eagle’s Wings Foundation. This fall, the foundation support has gone towards helping a part of Puerto Vallarta that’s too often ignored: the elderly. By partnering with DIF, the National System for Integral Family Development, they were able to make a donation to the Comprehensive Care Center for the Elderly (C.A.I.A.M), showing their commitment to the people who helped establish the city.

The Eagle’s Wings Foundation began in 1999 through a partnership between The Villa Group Resorts and the late Jim McCarthy, a long-time member of the Universal Vacation Club (UVC). Together, they’ve worked to support the neediest communities near the resorts and to inspire others to make a donation and get involved. The foundation support includes a variety of fundraising and volunteer programs to assist with long-term projects and emergency relief. Through the TAFER Resorts and Villa Group Resorts, the organization has made an impact in major tourist destinations throughout Mexico.

This fall, the foundation support went towards helping the elderly in Puerto Vallarta who rely on social services at the Comprehensive Care Center for the Elderly (CAIAM). Without families to support them, they can often feel overlooked. The organization elected to make a donation of 400,000 MXN, money that will go towards both improving facilities and taking care of the daily expenses of serving the community, allowing the older population of Puerto Vallarta to live in comfort and with dignity. Bringing attention to C.A.I.A.M, The Eagle Wings Foundation hopes to inspire both travelers and locals to give generously of their time and money to support the organization.

An important part of traveling is supporting businesses who give back. In addition to staying at The Villa Group and TAFER Resorts, you can directly support The Eagle’s Wings Foundation and their “Bring-A-Thing” program. As you pack your bag, bring some gently used clothing, shoes, or school supplies with you, and when you leave them with the resort staff to be donated in the community, you’ll have extra room to take home souvenirs. If you head out grocery shopping, pick up some extra non-perishable goods to donate at the resort. You can also make a one-time or monthly financial donation on the Eagle Wings Foundation website.

While The Villa Group and TAFER Resorts are best known for their luxury all-inclusive vacation packages, being a part of the community is what makes them so special. Through the Eagle Wings Foundation, they’re able to prioritize giving back, and by supporting C.A.I.A.M, Puerto Vallarta continues to be paradise for those who have called it home for years.


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