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Eagle’s Wings Foundation – Dedicated to Helping (2021 Updates)

NEWS | Published on 28/12/2021
Optimizada foundation support updates 2021

For many years, each of the TAFER Resorts and The Villa Group Resorts have been an integral part of their community, providing jobs for local workers and welcoming travelers from around the world. As members of their cities, the resorts are strongly committed to giving back, especially to those who are most often overlooked. The Eagles Wings Foundation was started by the resorts to provide aid to their surrounding communities, and this year, foundation support has gone to a variety of local charities and given food and donations to those in need.

Hurrican Nora Aid

This fall, a number of hurricanes made landfall around the world, and in Puerto Vallarta, the effects of Hurricane Nora were felt throughout downtown. However, the majority of the damage affected those living in simple homes along the river. Through The Villa Group Resorts in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, the Eagles Wings Foundation responded quickly to supply families with food, bedding, and household supplies, replacing what had washed away and offering relief in a time of suffering.

Centro de Atención Integral al Adulto Mayor - C.A.I.A.M Donation

Too often, the elderly are overlooked in society, and while the city of Puerto Vallarta is full of youth, the TAFER Resorts and Villa Group Resorts recognize the value of giving back to the generations who helped build the city. The foundation support to the Comprehensive Care Center for the Elderly went towards both improving facilities and taking care of the daily expenses of serving the elderly in the community.

Hurricane Pamela Aid

While there aren’t any Villa Group Resorts in Tuxpan, Nayarit, there are two located south of this small town, and when Hurricane Pamela hit shortly after Hurricane Nora, the resorts were prepared to lend a helping hand. The foundation support supplied the community with mattresses, blankets, cleaning supplies, and food to help them recover from the storm.

Red Autism

The community of Cabo San Lucas includes several Villa Group Resorts, and within the city, children and adults with autism are supported by Red Autismo. The Eagles Wings Foundation has given to this organization for several years to improve the support and education they provide. Their family support is strengthening the community of Cabo so that everyone can succeed.

Breakfast for the Children of Vallarta

As its name suggests, this organization focuses on a feeding program that ensures all children have a healthy start to the day. The Villa Group Resorts and TAFER Resorts in Puerto Vallarta have supported their simple but important mission.

“Bring-A-Thing” Program

When you stay at one of The Villa Group or TAFER Resorts, you can help support the organization’s mission and the “Bring-A-Thing” program. As you pack your bags for vacation, bring some gently used clothing, shoes, or school supplies to donate at the resort, and when you’re ready to go home, you’ll have extra room in your suitcase for souvenirs. Your donated items will stay in Mexico and go towards community and family support. Financial donations on the Eagles Wings Foundation website will go towards feeding program support and emergency aid.

Being a part of a community means taking care of each other, and that’s what the Eagles Wings Foundation is all about. Through feeding program aid and family support, these resorts make living in a tourist destination safe and nurturing.


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