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Safest Places to Visit in Mexico Now

DESTINATION | Published on 07/11/2022
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While the thrill of new sites and experiences is probably on your radar for your next vacation, nothing is more important than your safety when traveling. It is essential to know before you travel to any foreign country which areas are safe for travel and which require extra caution.

There are plenty of safe places to visit in Mexico that will without-a-doubt scratch that itch for travel, including some of the country’s most breathtaking beach destinations as well as some of its most culturally rich urban areas. The truth is that many Mexico destinations make some of the most travel-worthy places to go on vacation in the world.

1. Cabo San Lucas is One of the Top Places to Visit in Mexico

Located on the southern tip of Baja California Sur, Cabo San Lucas and its surrounding areas are consistently considered some of the safest places in Mexico. Cabo is a popular hub for its scenic beach destinations in the city and around the peninsula as well as its plentiful nightlife.

Like any major tourist destination, petty theft is not uncommon, but the southern peninsula of Baja California is one of the places to visit in Mexico which most travelers say they have never felt any presence of danger.

2. Sayulita’s Laid-Back Vibe is Both Safe and Relaxing

One of the most picturesque places to visit in Mexico, the magical beach town of Sayulita on Mexico’s west coast is hailed for its friendly atmosphere and safe community.

Sayulita is home to a local scene of surfers, artists, and beach-lovers that welcome international tourism, making Sayulita one of the most favorable beach destinations in the country as well as one of the safest places in Mexico.

3. Puerto Vallarta is One of the Safest Places in Mexico

Often ranking high on reports of safe places to visit in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is one of the most famous places to go on vacation for travelers from around the world. Renowned for its image as a celebrity hot-spot, the city is regarded as extremely safe for tourism.

If you are planning on traveling outside of Puerto Vallarta towards Guadalajara, however, it is important to check Mexico travel advisories for updated information about particular areas in the state of Jalisco.

4. Loreto, One of Mexico’s Safest Beach Destinations

Located in the state of Baja California on the eastern coast of the Peninsula, Loreto is one of the Mexico destinations of growing popularity that presents very few problems for tourists. One of the best places to go on vacation in Mexico, Loreto provides ample opportunity for exploration of its beautiful terrain, rich history, and vibrant culture in a safe and secure manner. 

No matter which of the Mexico destinations you end up enjoying, you will learn first-hand that there are many safe places to visit in Mexico. You should use common-sense when traveling, as you would in any foreign country, but Mexico is as safe as anywhere else if you take precautions about where and how you travel.

5. Mérida, By Far One of the Best Places to Go on Vacation

Most of Mexico’s states include some level of travel advisory by international governments, but Yucatan is one state that offers a clear green light for travel. The capital city of Yucatan, Merida, is esteemed for being one of the safest places in Mexico for urban travel. 

Known for its vibrant colonial architecture as well as its deep roots in Mayan history, Merida is one of the most iconic places to visit in Mexico for getting to know the country’s rich and diverse culture.


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