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What would it feel like to get more of everything you ever wanted in a vacation? More time together to create lasting memories? More things to discover and ways to relax? More quality in the places you stay?

Welcome to Villa Preferred Access...and a whole new world of vacation possibilities. With more than 30 years in the timeshare industry, The Villa Group is committed to providing exceptional, flexible and memorable vacation experiences for our guests and members. And we continue to raise the bar, adding new resorts, incredible amenities, luxurious accommodations - all in breathtaking destinations throughout Mexico.

What's more, with our affiliation with Interval International, one of the world's largest vacation exchange companies, you have the access to thousands of vacation resorts around the world, giving you even more choices to expand your vacation experiences.

With Villa Preferred Access, you get more of everything you want: more choices, more quality, more time and, certainly, more flexibility. And getting more gives you the freedom to sit back, relax... and just enjoy your vacation.

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