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Eco-Friendly Green Initiatives

Guests who visit Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto see first-hand the magnificent beauty of the region we call home. Maintaining those unspoiled views, crystal clear water and rich, healthy environment is a vital piece of who we are. Because of this, we have put in place a series of environmentally-friendly initiatives that help us leave as little environmental footprint as possible. These include:

  • Our roofs are lined with solar panels that collect and store power from our more than 300 sunny days each year, greatly reducing our electrical needs
  • The resort uses a seawater purification system that collects and purifies water from the Sea of Cortez for use throughout the hotel, which mitigated the need to create a 30-mile water pipeline from the town of Loreto to Danzante Bay
  • We created a grey water recycling program, which helps with irrigation on the property (including our vegetable and herb gardens) and other maintenance tasks
  • We grow many of our own chilies, produce and herbs on site, which are used in the resorts three restaurants
  • We recycle aluminum, glass and plastic 

In addition, our location within a protected National Marine Park limits the size and power of boats that traverse our waters, keeping pollution from watercraft to a minimum and allowing the numerous species of marine life to multiply.